2016 New SAT Vocabulary Flashcards


  • Are you ready to get into the college of your dreams?
  • Are you interested in getting the most amazing SAT score you could possibly get?
  • Are you ready to learn how to learn SAT vocab 10X faster than you would from memorizing wordlists?


If you are, then I’m excited to tell you more about my 2016 New SAT Vocabulary Flashcards…

If you want to get in to your dream US top college, I guarantee that getting an amazing score on the SAT will be the best decision you’ll make this year.

The Truth is…

You DON’T have to be talented at English (or even like English) to do well on the SAT. There are students who have gotten great scores, and have gotten into amazing Universities, even though they were initially terrible at English….

All you need to do is to memorize some SAT words.

You might be thinking…

“That’s going to take too much time!”

“I tried before and I couldn’t do it”

“But it’s so hard and boring!”

“I don’t feel confident in my abilities!”


But I’m going to show you how to conquer the SAT Vocabulary…

  • No matter how many times you failed before
  • Even if English is not your first language
  • Even if you have a terrible memory for Vocab
  • Even if you are running out of time, and are on a busy schedule

Just imagine yourself saying…

“I got my target score on the SAT! I’m so proud of myself!”
“now college application doesn’t seem to be so hard anymore!”
“I feel confident that I can get into the school of my choice!”

happy graduation student full of success outdoors

It’s easy…

All you really need is to practice, and in 1 week from all this could be a reality. You will get a higher SAT English Score, and come closer to that college that you really want to get into!

Unlike memorizing a dictionary or an extremely long word list, Flashcard Monkey is fast, easy, and you can do it at your own pace.

What are the requirements?

  • A willingness to improve yourself
  • Determination to get into your dream college
  • A willingness to study

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 500 vocabulary flashcards in a PDF format
  • Printable color pictures
  • Easy to put on your phone and study on the train
  • Videos that help you pronounce the words and speak the words
  • Strategies on how to memorize vocabulary efficiently

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone…
  • who wants to get a perfect score on the New SAT
  • who wants to feel proud of themselves
  • who wants to get into the College of their dreams


Here are some testimonials from my students:

The drawing is very helpful to make me remember these words by relating them to something else! I would like to do more course like this one.

-Wei L.

“whereas a number of 100 different words might seem meager, thanks to your explanations a student can add up almost 250 to 300 other words with correct sentences as well a good lesson of vocabulary and of english grammar the tone of your voice is great and the course is delivered with a comfortable speed thank you so much !

– Pierre B.


“This was great! very fun and pleasant. It reminded me with memrise courses but it was certainly better and sure will stick in my head longer. You’re a fun teacher! Thanks :))”

-Vefa A.


So…how important is vocabulary to your SAT score?

There are about 10 questions that will feature  vocabulary. This means that, at most, it can have a 50 point impact on your Reading/Writing score, out of 800.

When you are trying to get that perfect Reading/Writing score, vocabulary start becoming really worthwhile to improve on.

About me…



My name is Jane Cui.

I’ve taken the SAT in 2007 and got a PERFECT English score. (I didn’t get a perfect math score, unfortunately, but I tried my best)

How I scored perfect on the English SAT:

I studied my ass off.

I did this by reading a lot of books, and taking 3 different SAT classes with the SAT Prep Companies: Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Russian Math school (don’t ask).

My parents spent at least $1500 trying to help me improve my SAT score.

I thought that was a lot of money, but it was totally worth it.


What is it like taking the SAT?

I thought it was really hard.

The hardest part of learning the SATs for me was the vocabulary.

I had (and still have) a short attention span, and I could not memorize SAT vocab at ALL. I can’t even recite a poem from memory, let alone memorize boring, long words! I would remember something from the 500 flashcards that I made, and then forget it instantly.

I was so frustrated, and wanted to give up almost every day.

But I didn’t.

One day, I doodled on one of my flashcards, and I could instantly remember the word for days, even weeks on end. So I made vocabulary Picture Flashcards, and in 2 weeks, I was able to remember almost 500 vocabulary words! Just in time for my second time taking the SAT!

After the SAT…

I went to college at Boston University.

I decided to teach the SATs to high school students. And I found out that I LOVED it.

But I realized that 100% of the time, the students had the exact same hatred of vocabulary words that I had. And they would not study. If they had studied, they would have gotten a 20% increase in their scores…

I decided to make flashcards with pictures, and showed it to my students. This is what they said…

It’s much easier learning with pictures and i can have it stick in my head after looking at it for a few times

Alex R.


I’m nervous about the SAT because I think I’ll fail but learning with pictures makes it much better for me to get a better score. If only there was pictured flashcards for the math section lol

Alyssa P.

After I graduated from Boston University, I took a job at the Princeton Review, the top company that offers test prep for students taking the SAT. I introduced my picture flashcards to the students, and they loved it too.

I even sent my flashcards to a non-profit organization dedicated to Sending Highschool students to college, and they decided to include it in their curriculum!

Here’s what the Director said:

“Many students struggle with increasing their vocabulary skills to a degree that it has a noticeable effect on their SAT scores…The flashcards that Jane created [Flashcard Monkey] add a visual element that is missing from our existing resources and broadens the efficacy of the cards by including different types of learners. The humor present in the cards also works very well with LGR’s near-peer model of instruction which encourages a less formal, more fun tone. Providing these cards to our students will not only help them increase their SAT readiness, but will also give our volunteer coaches an entirely new way to help students connect with the vocabulary.”

— Rachel Cleaver, National Director of Programs at Lets Get Ready Boston

And Today…

I’ve been teaching SAT vocabulary for 3 years now, and I’ve noticed that so many students are getting bad scores on their English portion of the SAT.

I’ve had students who were terrible at English, who would not study vocabulary at all. But the thing is…vocabulary is one of the easiest part of the test to get a good score on!

It actually doesn’t take that much time, if you study the right way!

With the Course, you will learn with:

  • Visual pictures (many students are visual learners)
  • Audio (You can hear the word in a normal sentence)
  • Words (example sentences)


Buy Flashcard Monkey for only $36.99 $19.99.

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What am I going to get from the 2016 New SAT Vocabulary Flashcards?

  • 100 of the most important SAT vocabulary flashcards in a PDF format
  • 400 more difficult SAT vocabulary flashcards
  • Printable color pictures
  • Easy to put on your phone and study on the train
  • Strategies on how to memorize vocabulary efficiently


Join 10,000+ students, and get the SAT score you’ve been dreaming about!



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